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OCE unveils new ADC SIP that also measures accumulated radiation

The OCE TID-ADC is a Total Irradiation Dose (TID) monitoring module with a high frequency analogue-to-digital converter supporting 8-channel 16-bit successive-approximation-registers. The module is packaged in a SOP-80 high reliability three-dimensional stack System-in-Package (SiP). The TID measurement operates up to 100 kRad cumulative dose providing monitoring throughout the entire service

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Space Tech Expo – Bremen

Space Tech Expo in Bremen, Germany has become the largest space exhibition in Europe. This year’s event had the largest number of exhibitors at 656 and more than 7,500 attendees. This year there was more interest in subsystems than electronic components. OCE has attended this event since the first one

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ESA European Data Handling & Data Processing Conference

This inaugural conference held in the lovely location of Juan-les-pins in the south of France was a great success. The 350 attendees at the conference was more than twice the expected number. Using AI in space was the topic that dominated many of the sessions. OCE’s HISAOR AI chip and

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