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Design Services

Embedded Systems


The deployment of embdedded systems is growing rapidly in today’s world of mobile and increasingly intelligent consumer devices. The increasingly complex system-on-chip hardware hosting these embedded systems requires equally advanced software tools and processes to guarantee the functionality of the system before their release. OCE, as a designer of advanced tools for embedded software development, has a highly skilled team of embedded system developers delivering world-class solutions to international clients. The engineering team is expert in:

  • Functional requirements analysis & verification
  • Architecture & Design
  • Prototyping & functional modelling
  • Code generation & build
  • Hardware & software integration
  • Module/Unit & system testing
  • Environment Level qualification
  • Standards Compliance
  • Reliability Analysis & Certification
  • Warranty & EOL support




OCE is run by a team of engineering professionals delivering embedded solutions to international OEMs over a period of 20 years. Past clients include Siemens, Intel, Honeywell and the European Space Agency. The company’s initial focus has been software tools to assist developers in the debug, test and QA complex system-on-chip processors. To take advantage of these skills and knowledge and to expand the business OCE formed a team focused on the development and delivery of embedded real-time systems. The team incorporates a wide range of knowledge & experience in state-of-the-art system-on-chip designs for a range of popular embedded processors.

Differentiators for OCE’s team are end-to-end solution delivery, and experience across multiple sectors including transportation, security, energy, industrial control, video and communications.

OCE’s experience in delivery of embedded software tools uniquely equips it to deliver world-class real-time systems to the market. Its broad-range of in-house automated test systems allows for dramatically reduced time-to-market solutions. OCE and its partners can additionally offer IP design, customized system-in-package modules, and PCB design to provide a full hardware-software one-stop shop.


Where OCE’s design skills excel!

  • Complex architectures for multi-processor real-time embedded systems
  • RTOS expertise in uCOS, VxWorks, RTEMS, uClinux
  • Languages include Java, C, C++, Assembly & microcode
  • Build & Test systems to support automated nightly unit and system tests
  • Design of GUIs & MMIs and implementation of protocol stacks for communication devices