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System-in-Package (SIP)

System-in-package or SIP is a number of integrated circuits enclosed in a single module. Dies containing integrated circuits, may be stacked vertically on a substrate. They are internally connected by fine wires that are bonded to the package.

SIP Applications

SIP products are particularly suitable for applications in harsh environments such as:

  • Aerospace
    Satellite, Spaceship, Launch vehicle, Deep Space Probes
  • Communications
    Radar, TCTM systems
  • Aviation
    Aircraft, Helicopter, Flight data recorder
  • Industrial Control
    Data Storage, Automation Equipment

SIP system-in-package

SIP Advantages

System-in-package parts have the following advantages:

  • High Performance, High Reliability
    • Use of high performance materials
    • Improved mechanical and electrical properties
    • Adoption of international advanced level packaging technology
    • Reduced length of internal signal connection
    • Reduced parasitics
    • Enhanced anti-jamming capability
  • High level of integration, High Capacity, Miniaturization.
    • Three-dimensional packaging of memory types (SRAM, SDRAM, FLASH, and MRAM etc.) allows for different memory widths (8bit, 16bit, 32bit, 40bit, and 64bit) high-capacity memory configurations
    • Three-dimensional packaging of complex and large computer circuit boards (e.g. CPU, Memory, A2D, and I/0) providing a highly integrated, miniaturized SiP computer system that can be widely used in the fields of Launch Vehicles, Satellites, Aircraft, and Space Shuttles
  • Excellent TID and SEE Performance.
    • The integration of high performance, high reliability and radiation hardened components allows for the creation of products with excellent TIO and SEE performance.

Custom SIP Design and Manufacture Services

  • OCE can package SRAM, SDRAM, FLASH, MRAM, DOR, DDR2, DDR3 and other memory devices into high capacity, high reliability, and high performance memory modules with different data bus widths as per custom specifications .
  • OCE can use its SIP technology to package complex computer circuit boards (e.g. CPU, memory, and peripherals) into highly integrated and miniaturized SIP modules.

OCE SIP Part List

Click on image below for a current list of OCE SIP parts.