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E698PM Radiation-hardened SPARC V8 Quadcore Processor System-on-Chip (SoC)


The E698PM Radiation hardened processor is a high performance, high reliability, high integration and low power multi-core SoC. Its symmetric multi-processing (SMP) architecture is compliant with the SPARC V8 standard. It is designed for high-end embedded real-time control and complex computing applications in rugged environments.

The E698PM processor integrates four identical cores, each with an integer unit (IU), a floating point unit (FPU), an level-1 instruction and data cache (ICache & DCache) and a memory management unit (MMU).

The E698PM uses a 128-bit AHB bus for interconnection of its four identical cores, a 32-bit AHB bus for interconnection of its on-chip high-speed peripherals, and a 32-bit APB bus for interconnection of on-chip low-speed peripherals.
The E698PM provides many on-chip peripherals, including GPIO, UART, timer, interrupt controller, debug support unit, external memory controller, 1553B BC/RT/BM controller, CAN 2.0 bus controller, 10M/100M Ethernet controller, SpaceWire codec controller, CCSDS TMTC interface, USB 2.0 host controller, SPI master controller and I2C master controller. With the on-chip Debug Support Unit (DSU), the user can access the on-chip registers, memories and peripherals over a UART or Ethernet interface. This provides an excellent software and hardware debugging and development environment.

The E698PM is designed to support eCOS, VxWorks , Linux and other embedded operating systems.



E698PM Development BoardThe E698PM development kit contains all the developer needs to get started:-

  • Orion 6 IDE
  • DMON Debug Monitor
  • Sample C Code
  • E698PM Technical Documentation