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Another five small satellites using OCE technology were launched on Thursday 19 September using a Long March 11 rocket from a mobile platform at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center.

Four of the five Earth observation satellites are hyperspectral and the other high resolution video. These satellites use OCE’s E698PM as the processor for the main on-board computer and also OCE’s system-in-package memories.


The Zhuhai-1 remote sensing micro-satellite constellation is a commercial satellite constellation built and operated by Zhuhai Orbita Aerospace Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

The first satellites of the Zhuhai-1 satellite constellation were launched in 2017 and 2018 respectively, initiating the launch and operation of satellite constellations by private companies in China.

The video satellites have a launch mass of 90 kg and feature a high-resolution video system for earth observation with a spatial resolution of 0.9 m and a swath width of 22.5 km. It can capture video sequences of 120 seconds.

The hyperspectral satellites have a ground resolution of 10 m and a swath width of 150 km. The spectral resolution is 2.5 nm.

All satellites are operating in a 500km sun-synchronous orbit.

The satellite data is being used for more effective and efficient management of natural resources, improved ecological environments, agriculture and rural areas, traffic management, emergency management, urban construction and financial insurance.

Five satellites using OCE’s technology