OCEOS real-time operating system

OCEOS block diagram

OCEOS is a real-time pre-emptive fixed priority operating system that can be used in applications that require European Cooperation for Space Standardization Category B or ISO 26262 standards. It has a small memory footprint (<10 kBytes), requires only one system stack rather than a stack for each task, and provides support for precisely timed data outputs independent of task scheduling. It is available initially for applications running on SPARC based hardware with ARM release early in 2021. The support of the European Space Agency in developing OCEOS is acknowledged. OCEOS provides the following facilities:

  • Fixed priority pre-emptive scheduling
  • Based on Stack Resource Policy – unbounded priority inversion, chained blocking, and deadlocks cannot occur.
  • Single stack rather than separate stack for each task
  • Small code footprint ( <10 kBytes for scheduling and mutex)
  • Mutex, Counting Semaphore, and Data Queue support
  • High precision timed actions (data output and task start
  • Supports SPARC V8 LEON2/3/4 and ARM Cortex-M single core targets
  • Enhancements for Cobham-Gaisler GR716 applications
  • DMON debug tool support (execution timeline, CPU usage)
  • Support & ISVV services available from OCE
  • Gold standard customer support package
  • Developed to ECSS Category B and ISO 26262 standards
  • Developed in cooperation with European Space Agency (ESA)
OCEOS App Debug in DMON
Debugging OCEOS application

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